House star Hugh Laurie switched the leg he limped on… and no one noticed

Dr Gregory House may have traditionally limped on his right leg – but did anyone notice when he hobbled on his left?

Two things define Dr Gregory House – his cutting quick wit and that limp. In fact, House’s hobble (the result of an infarction in his right leg) was so pronounced that Hugh Laurie – who played him – has since admitted he developed a real-life limp from years of using a cane on set. 


But did you know that the actor liked to mix up which side of his character’s body had sustained the injury? Asked by Graham Norton whether he’d ever limped on the other side, Laurie replied: “I switched the side I limped on and the side I used the cane and no one noticed!”

Indeed, a quick scan of the internet shows no evidence of anyone picking up on the switch-around. Perhaps it was to even out Laurie’s sore knees after eight seasons of hobbling around the set? 

Talking about his iconic character on tonight’s Graham Norton Show, Laurie added, “I can’t remember any of the lines at all but when ‘action’ is shouted, I start limping. I’m like a dog that’s been prodded with electrodes.”

The British actor – whose new film Tomorrowland stars George Clooney and Britt Robertson – also revealed he and George put in the hours in the gym ahead of their shoot. “We trained and got very physical on judo mats. I had to throw a punch at George and I was wearing this huge ring that missed him by a skin cell. I could have damaged the most handsome man on the planet.”


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