What you need to know before watching the Mad Men final episodes

How did we leave, Don, Peggy, Joan and the rest?


There are only seven episodes of Mad Men left, but there have been 85 up until now. That’s a lot of story, smoke and flashbacks, and you’re forgiven if you can’t remember exactly how we left the characters. That’s where we come in.


This is a bare-bones recap of the last half series that removes the nuance and enjoyment from the show, so don’t read if you haven’t actually watched the episodes. Alternatively, play some Nancy Sinatra records and imagine four minutes of silent, significant looks after every sentence.

Mad Men series seven part two begins airing in the UK on Thursday 8th April, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

Don Draper

Sexy Easter Island statue Don Draper didn’t have a fun time in the opening straight of series seven – he was (more or less) jobless, reduced to lying to his family and feeding campaign ideas to Freddy Rumsen, Cyrano de Bergerac style. Eventually he was allowed back into the office, but as a junior copywriter reporting to Peggy. The two were at each other’s throats, but reconciled when they teamed up to win a big fast food account.

Peggy Olson

Still killing it at work, still sucking at her private life. Now kinda-sorta in charge of Creative at the company.

Joan Harris

Despite flying higher than ever as a partner at Sterling Cooper and Partners, Joan struggles with being taken seriously and raising a child alone. Nevertheless, when the closeted Bob Benson proposed, she said no. Joan wants the real thing or nothing.

Megan Draper

Don was ‘bicoastal’ last series, flying between New York and Megan’s apartment in Los Angeles. Megan was pretty much ‘coastal’, staying in LA to further her acting career. Eventually, she decided to make it a permanent arrangement, and dissolved the marriage.

Roger Sterling

As ever, Roger teetered on the edge of irrelevance, but he became a hero after selling the entire firm to rival McCann-Erickson, saving Don’s job in the process. Yes, that’s the same McCann-Erickson they all worked so hard to escape back in series three. Times change; that’s the message of the show.

Pete Campbell

Pete tried to pull a Dick Whitman and reinvent himself in sunny California with a sunny Californian girlfriend. It didn’t take, and now this natural born New Yorker is back on the east coast.

Betty Francis

Don’s first ex-wife is blonde and thin again, but still unhappy and unfulfilled with her position as trophy wife to a politician. In the first eight episodes, she suddenly remembered she had another child: Bobby Draper. Everything was going great, until Betty threw a tantrum during a school trip to a farm. 

Sally Draper

Sally Draper continued her reign as the best character on TV. She had it out with her father about his affairs and …well, generally being Don Draper. Then she kissed a boy.


Ken Cosgrove

How do you like your blue-eyed boy, Mr Draper? Half-blinded by rampaging car executives back in series six, Kenny has spent most of his time butting heads with Bob Benson and being quietly competent. Also tap dancing. Cosgrove actually worked for new owners McCann-Eriksson back when the others scarpered. Will this give him an advantage?

Harry Crane

Still Harry.

Bert Cooper

Dead as of the end of last series. 


Mad Men series seven part two begins airing in the UK on Thursday 8th April, 10pm, Sky Atlantic