Dowager Countess of Grantham could make comeback in Julian Fellowes’ US drama

The Gilded Age will be set decades before the first series of Downton Abbey among the high society families of New York

ITV has called time on Downton Abbey – but we may not have seen the last of Violet Crawley.


Yes, according to Julian Fellowes the Dowager Countess of Grantham could pop up in his next series The Gilded Age, which will be set in late 19th century America decades before the first series of Downton Abbey.

The writer has previously suggested to that the Downton Abbey cast could return in the US series as different characters.

Fellowes told the Mail on Sunday: “Robert Grantham would be in his early teens, Cora would be a child. A young Violet could make an appearance,” adding “we’ll have to see.”

Although the series is still in early stages of development, the image of a young Violet polishing her bon mots and honing her wit on a brief jaunt to America is certainly an appealing one – but it’s probably best not to get our hopes up too much.

After all, it might be stretching credulity to have Dame Maggie Smith play a 30-something, and if you’ve not got Maggie, you’ve not got Violet.

Then again, they can do a lot with CGI these days…

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