UK political parties get Game of Thrones-style banners for the Leaders’ Debate

When you play the Game of Seats, you spin or you die...

If you’re preparing to watch tonight’s historic seven-way leaders debate but can’t help but wonder if it would be a bit more exciting with some decapitations, incest and ice zombies, then never fear – Game of Thrones is coming to Westminster.


Well, sort of – in honour of the debate tonight, graphic design company Moo has produced banners for each of the participating political parties in the style of the popular HBO series. So the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros become the Seven Parties of, er, Westminsteros; really, it’s astonishing no-one thought of it before.

You can check out the banners below – but just be careful which side you back. We don’t want another Red Wedding at the next Lib Dem party conference…

The Conservative Party

The Tory tree gets a fearsome makeover for David Cameron’s banner. We’re shaking like a leaf.


Ed Miliband’s leadership struggle with his brother David might be in the past – but if Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that the throne is never safe.

The Liberal Democrats

As with the 2010 general election, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg might end up siding with either Labour or the Conservatives to create a Coalition government, making him a modern-day Kingmaker.


UKIP’s traditional pound sign logo becomes a locked iron gate in this new banner for Nigel Farage. Maybe for the next election?

The Green Party

Natalie Bennett’s party definitely ended up with the coolest motto, a twist on that of Game of Thrones’ House Stark – well worth the lengthy battle they faced to be included in tonight’s debate, we think.


George RR Martin (the author of the books the HBO series is drawn from) supposedly based the icy Wall in the north of Westeros on Hadrian’s Wall, so it’s only fitting that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon receives this accolade.

Plaid Cymru

Wales already have by far the coolest flag in the UK by judicious use of a dragon, so it seems only fair they get another one on party leader Leanne Wood’s banner here, topped off with a lovely little daffodil. 


The ITV leaders’ debate begins on ITV tonight (Thursday 2nd April) at 8:00pm