Guys, there’s been a One Tree Hill reunion

Lucas, Peyton, Mouth, Skills, Bevin – even Whitey Durham – were all in the same room. And there are lots of pictures...

Riverside, Whitey, Tric, Ravens, Hoes Over Bros, Brucas, Leyton – if this random string of words takes you back to teenage years spent curled up in front of the box, you’re going to want to keep reading…


We may have only said goodbye to US drama One Tree Hill three short years ago, but it’s been a good long while since the days of Lucas and Nathan Scott battling it out on the school basketball court.

I spent my formative years with these guys. Their teenage angst matched my teenage angst – and while I haven’t gone on to play national basketball, start a world famous clothing line, become a pop star or write a bestselling novel (like Nathan, Brooke, Hayley and Lucas), I feel like I’ve grown up with them.

So, imagine my excitement when this popped up on my Twitter feed:

Tric lives. @tylerhilton #BarManager

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Me and my homie from day one. #chad Michael murray ????

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One Tree Hill originally came to our screens in 2003 and centred around the on- and off-court rivalry between Nathan Scott, captain of the Ravens basketball team, and his half brother Lucas. Running for nine seasons, the show made a four-year time jump in 2008, skipping the characters’ college years and reuniting them once more in Tree Hill.


It’s been a while, but for all you die hards out there, here’s a reminder of those angst-ridden opening credits…