Why is the Spectre trailer released at 23:45 tonight? We investigate the (possible) hidden meanings

The first glimpse of the new James Bond film is to be unveiled worldwide tonight

James Bond will return…tonight, in fact. The first teaser trailer for Spectre will launch on 007.com at 23:45 GMT. That’s quarter to midnight. On a Friday.


The film sees Daniel Craig investigating the villainous organisation SPECTRE after receiving “a cryptic message from Bond’s past.” 

That’s enough actual information. Let’s speculate about why one of the biggest movies of the year is releasing a trailer at 11.45pm. On a Friday.

It’s primetime in America

23:45 in London is 19:45 in New York, and mid afternoon on the West Coast. America is a large country with many moviegoers, moviegoers Sony Pictures Entertainment would very much like to go and see Spectre. But James Bond is British, so that can’t be it.

Spectre is a remake of Thunderball

Thunderball by Ian Fleming was released on 27th March 1961. Today is 27th March 2015. Thunderball was adapted into a film in 1965, in which Sean Connery faces off against Emilio Largo, scuba diving instructor agent of Spectre.

It was adapted again in 1983’s terrible Never Say Never Again, in which an aging Sean Connery faced off against Emilia Largo, avid video gamer agent of Spectre.

Is it time for another remake? Yes. Definitely.

The teaser trailer is 15 minutes long

That’s right. Spend the last 15 minutes of the week watching the first 15 minutes of the film.

23:45… that’s 2 – 3 – 4 – 5!

Coincidence? Also, consider this: Blofeld is the head of SPECTRE. His official title? Number One.

It’s code

Spies love talking in code ­–  that’s why Bond uses double entendres so much. (Hint: he’s not really talking about his weapon, is he?) But even for James, this is a hard one. (See?)

Divide the time at the colon, then pair the numbers symmetrically.

23:45. 2+5. 3+4. Double sevens. Oh!

The James Bond publicists denied all knowledge of a hidden code, even after I explained it several times. But they would, wouldn’t they? Otherwise it wouldn’t be a code.

James Bond has nothing to do on a Friday night

And now, thanks to him, neither do we.


SPECTRE will be released worldwide November 6th 2015