Tobias Menzies on Game of Thrones: My character is still alive – I’d be happy to return

The Outlander star who plays Edmure Tully in HBO's hit fantasy series would happily go back to Westeros

Tobias Menzies was last spotted in Game of Thrones during the infamous Red Wedding. It would be understandable if it did – we certainly wouldn’t be back in a hurry – but the violent, shocking scene hasn’t put him off returning to the drama. 


“It would be great fun. I would be happy to go back,” he told recently. 

Menzies, who plays Edmure Tully in the hit HBO fantasy series, doesn’t star in the upcoming fifth season, and there are currently no plans for him to return – “I’ve not been in contact with them. They’ve certainly not approached me” – but there is hope. 

“The character is still alive,” says Menzies. “I have bumped into [the showrunners] a few times. They like the character a lot and they’d love to drag him back.” 

It’s just not clear when or how – or whether Edmure might be written back in by George RR Martin down the line. 

“The show has so many characters and so many plates they are spinning… but at the moment there are no plans to put him into any of the shows.”

Bloodbaths aside, Menzies remembers his time on Game of Thrones as a “very happy experience.”

“Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff] the writers and creators are brilliant people. It’s a real joy to plug into an operation like that which has so many very talented people working on it.”

And it’s an experience which doesn’t feel a million miles away from where Menzies is now, starring in historical, fantasy series Outlander. “It’s actually not dissimilar,” he says. “The show has a very dedicated and growing audience. It really reminds me of those experiences.” 

Outlander launches on Amazon Prime on 26th March 


Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on 13th April