David Attenborough has Welsh wildflower named after him

Introducing Attenborough’s Hawkweed...


Sir David Attenborough has had a plant named after him.


Yes, you can now frolic in a field of Attenborough’s Hawkweed or, if you prefer the latin name, Hieracium attenboroughianum.

It’s not the first time the legendary broadcaster’s name has been bestowed upon a new species. This wildflower joins ten others in the Attenborough family, including spiders, shrimps and grasshoppers.

However, this is the first time that a new plant species found in the UK has been named after the wildlife expert.

It was actually discovered on the rocky ledges of Cribyn, one of three peaks in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, a decade ago. (Well, there’s not a ‘Big Book of Plant Names’ is there? Naming takes time.)

“I decided to name this special little plant found in the mountains of the Brecon Beacons after David Attenborough as he inspired me to study ecology when I was 17,” Dr Tim Rich, the plant taxonomist who named the plant, told the Leicester Mercury.

“This is a personal thank you for the years of fascination he has given me going to different places to search for new things.”

Attenborough himself is pleased as punch.

“Bestowing a name on a new species is surely one of the greatest biological compliments and I am truly grateful.

“It is an added joy that Hieracium attenboroughianum should be so beautiful and live in such a lovely part of the country.”


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