Martin Freeman and Anthony LaPaglia on the set of The Eichmann Show

See the Sherlock star and director Paul Andrew Williams during filming of BBC2's docudrama about the trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann


Milton Fruchtman was the man who brought the trial of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann to television. Now, Martin Freeman is bringing Fruchtman’s story to TV in BBC2 docudrama The Eichmann Show.


Behind-the-scenes images of the one-off film have been released, featuring the Sherlock star preparing to play the American TV producer who filmed and broadcast the 1961 trial of Holocaust war criminal Eichmann to millions.

Freeman joins co-star Anthony LaPaglia and director Paul Andrew Williams on what looks like a very chilly set, before moving indoors to the cosier surroundings of the breakfast table. 

Oh, and we’re sure director Williams had those very un-Sixties bright orange headphones safely out of shot before the cameras rolled. 


The Eichmann Show will be broadcast on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC2, and charts the challenges Fruchtman and his team had in bringing the trial to television.

The case featured evidence from those who had survived the concentration camps, including a Holocaust survivor played by Rebecca Front in the BBC2 drama.

“The trial was seen by a lot of people all over the world, and it was the first time people en masse had heard first-hand testimony from survivors,” Martin Freeman explained to Radio Times last week. 

“People obviously knew that something terrible had happened under the Nazis, but maybe it was the first time the scale and breadth had had a human face put on it – the face of the survivors,” he said.


Watch Freeman discuss the drama and his role below.