Professor Brian Cox cast as God in Spamalot Musical

The physicist won a public vote to play God in Manchester's run of the Monty Python musical

Professor Brian Cox is taking to the stage, seeing off big-name competition to play the role of God. 


The scientist has been voted into the heavenly role for Manchester’s run of Spamalot, which tells the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, with a Monty Python-style twist.

Cox was up against established actors for the role, including Hugh Bonneville, Michael Palin and Michael Ball and will now appear on a 2D screen during the musical, in which Arthur and his Knights set out to find The Holy Grail.

“It is a reasonable no brainer,” Professor Cox told the Manchester Evening News. “If Eric Idle says to you ‘do you want to be God in Spamalot?’ then I’d be surprised if anybody had ever said no.”

There are other familiar names among the cast, with comedian Joe Pasquale reprising the role of King Arthur and actor Todd Carty playing his manservant Patsy, roles they played in the West End.


Spamalot starts tonight in Manchester’s The Opera House, with Cox appearing in aid of his chosen charity The University of Manchester Student Access Program.