Amanda Abbington: my daughter wants to be Mary Watson when she grows up

The actor admits her and her partner Martin Freeman's starring roles in Sherlock have rubbed off on their children


What did you want to be when you grew up? Train driver? Nurse? Deadly assassin?


Amanda Abbington says her and her partner Martin Freeman’s roles in Sherlock have rubbed off on their two children, to the point where her daughter says when she grows up she wants to be… Mary Watson!

“They’ve been on a film set or at a theatre since day dot, so they think parents who go to an office are really weird,” she said of their two children Joe and Grace.

“They love Mary. Grace wants to be Mary when she grows up. I said, ‘No, you can’t really be an assassin…’ And they love Bilbo [Freeman’s role in The Hobbit], just love him being Bilbo,” she told Fabric Magazine. What, even with the furry feet?

Abbington first said it was “scary” coming between Sherlock and John when she joined the BBC drama, but now believes her role helped liven up the dynamic between Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch’s characters.

“It’s absolutely about John and Sherlock. It should be; it’s about their adventures,” she said. “But I liked that there was this third wheel, and she was female and strong and could hold her own – she wasn’t there just to accommodate them. But, then, I think all the women in Sherlock are like that.”

And as for who her favourite actor is, there is no contest: “Martin’s my favourite actor. I’m desperately proud of him.”


Awww, the perfect couple.