Kit Harington: there’s so much violence in the news we can’t shy away from it in drama

The Game of Thrones star refutes the idea the HBO fantasy series uses gratuitous violence

Don’t get too attached to your favourite character on Game of Thrones – so much as blink and they may have been impaled, beheaded or doused in molten gold. 


With epic battle scenes and warring families comes plenty of violence, but Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the HBO fantasy series, reckons there’s nothing wrong with the extreme barbarity that is portrayed.

“I don’t see a problem with it because you mostly always feel the consequences of that person dying,” he tells “In Thrones it’s war and awful, awful things happen, as we see on the news daily. And if we’ve got an appetite for watching these things on the news then you can’t shy away from it on cable drama.”

And while he acknowledges the series is “gory as hell”, Harington maintains it’s the aftermath that ensures the numerous deaths are not gratuitous. “In Thrones, as much as they bury the death they see very quickly, there is an impact that those deaths have which I’m constantly playing. People are always dying around me in Thrones.” 

The 27-year-old – who stars with Alicia Vikander and Colin Morgan in upcoming WWI drama Testament of Youth – finished shooting the fifth series of Thrones earlier this year. “It was phenomenal this season. They’ve seriously overreached themselves,” he says. 

“They’ve built it in the right way – it could have got a lot sillier a lot earlier and it hasn’t. It’s progressed in the right way story-wise. It’s so brilliant this year.” 

Testament of Youth is released in UK cinemas on 16th January


Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic in 2015