Downton Abbey’s series five finale according to Twitter

From Lady Rose's wedding and cat-based insults to the shocking arrest of Anna Bates, the Twittersphere had a lot to say about last night's episode of Downton Abbey

From illegitimate children and illicit “sketching trips” to passionate declarations and proposals of marriage, we’ve been party to a fair amount of period drama this autumn. But nothing could prepare us for the action-packed Downton Abbey series five finale. 


For starters, there was the wedding of Lady Rose and Atticus Aldridge… 

In fact, Anna being clapped in irons didn’t really leave these fans looking forward to the Christmas special.

Other Tweeters managed to keep their pecker up, though, and were just sad that another season of the hit ITV period drama had come to an end:

Antonella is hoping for a Dowager Countess spin-off to bridge the gap.  

Really rather a good idea if you ask us. Perhaps they could show it at the weekend – whatever that is…


Downton Abbey returns for a Christmas special later this year