Tom Hiddleston in talks for King Kong lead

The Thor actor has reportedly been tapped to star in Peter Jackson's giant-ape prequel Skull Island


With The Avengers film and two Thor flicks under his belt, British actor Tom Hiddleston is already quite a draw for science-fiction and fantasy fans. And now he’s taking on another cult classic as the lead in a new King Kong film.


Skull Island, the follow-up to Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong remake, will focus on the giant gorilla’s “mysterious and dangerous world”, reports Variety. A teaser trailer, released at Comi Con in July, certainly suggests an air of threat and fear, with Kong battling dinosaurs and other unnerving beasts.

Even without Hiddleston in the trailer, it made our hearts beat a little bit faster…

Legendary, the studio making the film, is keeping details very close to its (ape-like, hairy?) chest so we don’t yet know what Hiddleston’s role will be. What we do know is that he’ll be a lead part (although we’re guessing not the giant gorilla himself) and that the first draft of Skull Island was written by Max Borenstein, who also penned the 2014 Godzilla script. Producers are aiming for a release date of 6th November 2016. 


Let’s hope they stick to that because we can’t wait to see what Loki’s going to be doing in King Kong’s prehistoric world.