Anna Gunn: I couldn’t have predicted “shocking” Gracepoint ending

Upcoming US drama starts on a similar note to Broadchurch, but in the middle starts to divert down a very different "interesting and exciting" path, says the former Breaking Bad star

Part of the huge buzz around last year’s David Tennant and Olivia Colman-fronted ITV drama series Broadchurch was the ending. Theories were running wild as DI Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller tried to find a local killer. If you managed to predict that finale shocker, hats off to you and your detective know-how.


Now it’s heading over the pond in US remake Gracepoint, star Anna Gunn says fans don’t have a head start, with a jaw-dropping ending even she didn’t see coming.

“We start off really similar in terms of a similar storyline [to Broadchurch],” Gunn tells Access Hollywood of the remake, which sees David Tennant reprise his original role. “Then about right in the middle of it, we start to divert down some different storyline paths that are very, very interesting and exciting.

“The ending is something I could not have predicted. It’s different from Broadchurch. It’s equally chilling, it’s shocking. It shocked me,” Gunn adds.

Gunn is enjoying the move on from her more beleaguered Breaking Bad character Skyler, too. After binge-watching all of Broadchurch, she says, “I was just in”.

“It was exactly the kind of character I was looking for. She has so many different facets and colours to her and they’re allowed to be shown. She’s an open book, she’ll tell you what she thinks, good or bad.

“She’s got vulnerability, but she’s also really tough. I love that duality.”


Gracepoint airs in the US in October and is expected to be shown on ITV at a later date