Daniel Radcliffe guest-stars on The One Show

The Harry Potter star will be discussing life as a love interest and his new rom-com What If...

Attention all Harry Potter fans! Today’s episode of The One Show (7:00pm on BBC1) will be graced by none other than the Boy Who Lived.


Sorry Daniel, that must be the kind of thing that really annoys you. We know you’re not really Harry Potter. Our mums explained that to us in great length over a decade ago…

In fact, the actor who once charmed us as JK Rowling’s magical teenager has come a long way from Hogwarts. He’s 25 now (coincidentally he turned so on the very same day that I did. You’re intrigued, aren’t you? And he’s left magic wands and invisible cloaks a long way behind.

Tonight he’ll be settling down on the One Show sofa to discuss life as a love interest – and his new romantic comedy What If.

Radcliffe stars as Wallace, an unlucky-in-love chap who falls for his best friend. He does not have a scar on his head and there are absolutely no owls in sight.


Tune into The One Show tonight at 7:00pm on BBC1 to hear what he has to say…