Sherlock Holmes gets his very own tweed

Look out for a design "combining a classic profile with a contemporary edge" that Arthur Conan Doyle's detective might have worn were he alive today

When it comes to wearing tweed, Sherlock Holmes has got it down. His iconic deerstalker hat is a fashion trend in itself, so when the famous detective becomes the subject of his own exhibition at the Museum of London this autumn, he’ll get his very own brand of tweed, too. 


The museum – in collaboration with Christys’ Hats and Lovat Mill – will draw data from three different sources in order to create its unique fabric: the use of colours in Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories; late Victorian tweed and hat fashions using information stored by the Museum of London and Christys’ historic catalogues; and the latest menswear trend forecasting data, including Lovat Mills’ own dyeing and finishing techniques. 

To begin with, the tweed will go on sale as a series of hats, including a Christys’ deerstalker, and will be available to purchase from October 2014 from Liberty, Christys’ and the Museum of London shop and online store. 

“The Museum of London was very specific in its desire to develop a deerstalker hat and a tweed that Sherlock Holmes might have worn were he alive today – combining a classic profile with a contemporary edge,” revealed Christys’ Hats MD Steve Clark.


The Sherlock Holmes exhibition runs from Friday 17 October 2014 until Sunday 12 April 2015 at the Museum of London.