Ian McShane: The Rock worked out rigorously for Hercules, I watched TV

The former Deadwood and Lovejoy star is not exactly a fan of the gym…

To get in shape for his role as Herclules, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson rose at 3am, did 35 minutes of cardio, ate steak and eggs for breakfast – the first meal of a 4000 calorie-a-day diet – and then headed to the gym to bench press 200 kilograms.


His co-star, Lovejoy and Deadwood actor Ian McShane, on the other hand, had a less gruelling workout, consisting of, “a great Sky TV, a stack of good books and some very good Hungarian food.” 

“I used to laugh,” he adds, “when right in the middle of a big discussion a chef would arrive with six specially prepared boneless, skinless chicken with steamed asparagus. ‘Enjoy yourselves!'”

McShane, who plays Hercules’ companion Amphiaraus in the Brett Ratner film, also told RadioTimes.com that one of the reasons he signed on to the film in the first place was because of his his old buddy, the War Doctor himself, John Hurt.


Hercules is released in the UK on 25 July