Is this the alternative Sherlock prom?

David Arnold: Live in Concert finally gives fans of the drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman the chance to hear the music with a full orchestra

Cast your mind back to last August and you’ll remember’s campaign for a Sherlock Prom (if not, here’s a reminder). We spoke to the series’ co-composer David Arnold who seemed more than up for it. After all, Doctor Who had one – why shouldn’t Sherlock? Swap the Daleks and Time Lords for Mr Holmes and a deerstalker and hey presto…


But as fans of the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring detective drama got increasingly excited, Proms boss Roger Wright dashed their hopes by revealing there were no plans for the dedicated concert, declaring, “I can’t imagine how that would work.” Pah. 

Perhaps he should book his ticket for David Arnold: Live in Concert this weekend…? The composer for Independence Day, Stepford Wives and a string of James Bond films is playing at London’s Southbank Centre with a full orchestra and guess what? There’s a whole section dedicated to Sherlock when Arnold will be joined by his co-composer Michael Price. 

And if Wright doesn’t fancy snapping up a coveted seat, there are plenty of celebrity fans clamouring to spend their evening listening to Sherlock’s sweet music, plus some rousing Independence Day tunes and stirring Bond themes. 


Fancy a taster of what a Sherlock Prom really could be like? Book your tickets to David Arnold: Live in Concert now.