How Sherlock fans can make it through to 2:21pm

Aside from simply working or going about your normal business...

At 2:21pm today the BBC will be sharing some Sherlock news on its Twitter page.


“It’s all gone dark… Something’s coming… Or someone. Details coming at 2:21pm tomorrow #221back #Sherlock” is all the information it has given us so far, along with the Moriarty video seen at the end of series three, with the words “Did you miss me?”.

We’re all feeling really calm about it.

So we came up with a survival plan to get us through until 2:21pm…

Pass a few hours by playing a game with a pal

Use the time to brush up on your musical talents

Finally get around to looking at all the bids you’ve won on eBay

Stick a Sherlock DVD on again. There must be a clue. Must be.

At around 2:19pm, maybe grab one of these. You know, just in case.

Make a cup of tea

Or two

Or three

Staying calm is imperative


Although pulling this face at 2:21pm is totally acceptable