Game of Thrones season 5 will be shot in Spain

HBO's fantasy drama will move to sunny Europe, where the crew will create the kingdom of Dorne

James Costos, the US Ambassador in Spain, broke the news that Game of Thrones season five is to be filmed in Andalusia, Granada and Southern Spain.


It’s believed that Seville or Cordoba will form the backdrop of the capital of the kingdom of Dorne (in Southern Westeros) in the new series.

Seville’s stunning Moorish fort and old royal palace, the Alcázar of Seville, is rumoured to be starring in season five. Alcázar could double as the Water Gardens of Dorne and Sunspear – the seat of House Martell. Although Spain is chock full of impressive Moorish architecture and lavish green spaces, so other locations may feature too.

After Prince Oberyn Martell’s death in the fourth season, House Martell, and Prince Oberyn’s brother Prince Doran are set to feature more in the new series.

The previous series and pilot of Game of Thrones was filmed in various mystical and exotic locations including  Croatia, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Morocco and Scotland. See here for more Game of Thrones filming locations.

Game of Thrones season five is set for release in spring 2015.


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