Gracepoint: watch the first trailer for the US Broadchurch remake

US network Fox has released the first trailer for the new drama starring David Tennant and Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn - and it looks not dissimilar to the UK original

“Did Danny say he was going anywhere…?”


The similar chilling words uttered by Jodie Whittaker’s Beth Latimer about her missing son in the hit ITV drama Broadchurch have crossed the Atlantic in Fox’s remake which is set in northern California.

This trailer shows for the first time how the US production team have approached the ITV show – and for British fans it will look and sound similar in many key respects.

For one thing, the slow-motion shot of the terrified mother running towards the beach, where she will find her son’s body, is straight out of the UK version.

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant is once again in the role of the outsider cop who comes into the close-knit community – only this time he sports a (rather convincing) American accent and is called Emmett Carver rather than Alec Hardy.

Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn plays the Olivia Colman role as Ellie Miller in the ten-part series which was filmed in Canada and is expected to air in the autumn.

The UK version gripped more than seven million viewers on the edge of their seats on ITV last spring as they waited to find out who killed schoolboy Danny Latimer and left his body at the foot of the cliffs in the fictional West Country seaside town.

As confirmed yesterday, a second series is due with Colman and Tennant returning alongside former Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill in the role of the local vicar.