Game of Thrones: Get the Look – your TV fashion guide

Want to get the Game of Thrones style? Here are our top tips to recreating some of the new looks from Season 4, unfortunately without the dragons...

Game of Thrones, episode 2, airs tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. To recap on the last episode I have come up with four ‘Get the Look’ collections from my pick of the strongest female characters in the show. Each showcasing a different style that can be adapted for your spring summer wardrobe…


Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys, being the mother of Dragons, dresses powerfully and practically. Often seen in trousers and boots she shows her status not through opulent jewels and dresses, but through a more masculine daytime look. Her colours are blues and silvers and this is definitely echoed in this outfit. Double denim is a great look if you wear it well and can be styled for all seasons.

Here are my picks of the best Daenerys style matches:

Denim Shift Dress Topshop £36Silver Isla Cuff £175, Moto Light Grey Wash Leigh Jeans Topshop £38, Cherish High Leg Boots Topshop £30, (On sale down from £95, so limited sizes left, grab them quick!) Ridged Collar Topshop £18.50, Fearne Cotton Leanne Strappy Gladiator Sandals Very £45,  Jumpsuit H&M £14.99

On the left, I have put together a double denim look with a denim slip dress and light grey jeans. I really like this look as it can be styled for a colder day with these fabulous high leg boots or in warmer weather with sandals. In warmer weather I would recommend wearing a white vest under the dress and wearing the dress unzipped as a sleeveless jacket. The Jumpsuit on the right has probably been one of my favourite purchases over the last few months. It is extremely flattering and comfy, and worn with some very high sandals looks very sexy! Style this look with simple but chunky silver accessories. 


Shea’s look here is simple but really gorgeous. Her long dress is feminine and perfect for a warm summer’s day. Also the colours work really well on her olive toned skin. There is very little in the means of accessorising here but I think this lets the dress make the statement. This look may not be work appropriate but I am thinking a summer wedding, perhaps, would be a fantastic place to showcase this style.

Here are my picks for a feminine Shea inspired outfit:

Frilled Chiffon Dress H&M £99.99 (part of the Conscious Exclusive range, when its gone it’s gone, I bet this will be all over EBay though!) Twig and Thorn necklace £112, HappyDays Peep Toe Shoes Topshop £30, Passandena Flat Sandals by CJG Topshop £95, Hammered Gold Bracelet Zara Taylor London £25,Anthea Cut Out split Maxi Dress in Nude Missguided £39.99 (Missguided Maxi Dresses here)

I love the H&M dress here; it is so feminine and looks light and cool to wear on a hot day. This piece is part of the H&M Conscious Exclusive range which means once it’s gone it’s gone however, I think this piece will be making a reappearance all over eBay so keep your bargain hunting eyes open! Keep this look simple, flat shoes will work best here and I really like the Topshop HappyDays Peep Toe shoes. The pattern is cute and makes them stand out from a plain nude shoe. Again, don’t over do the jewellery, a few simple bangles will work really well however, if you just can’t live without a necklace, this gorgeous Twig and Thorn necklace from Tameka Brown fits with the Game of Thrones style perfectly. 

Ellaria Sand

Ellaria Sand might be my new favourite GOT character! She is a feisty and strong woman and as we saw in episode one, she isn’t afraid of expressing her sexuality. Her look here echoes her personality; a bright, rich orange dress cut to her navel teamed with strong jewellery, arm cuffs and a long elaborate necklace. This look screams confidence and it is something that you can style for yourself in a variety of ways.

Here are my top picks for getting the sexy Dornish look:

Orange Dress in Lyocell blend H&M £14.99, Vesper Full Swing interchangeable Bracelet or Necklace £660, Emelita Sandals Linzi £30, Harmony Gladiator Sandals Topshop £24, Ivy Arm Bracelet Zara Taylor London £50, Sleeveless Wrap Dress BonPrix £19.99

I could have gone for a beachwear look for this style, but instead I wanted to show you how you how you can take Ellaria’s look and turn it into a daytime summer outfit. I am desperate to get my hands on this gorgeous H&M orange dress, the colour is so rich and I really love the neckline. As a girl with an hourglass shape, I would need to team this dress with a belt to show some shape, otherwise these dresses tend to hang from your chest making you look rather wide. If you are very slim then you can get away with letting it hang loose. I would pair this dress with these fantastic gladiator sandals from Linzi, and the Ivy Arm Bracelet from Zara Taylor London. This bracelet is another piece on my wish list, do check out Zara Taylors’s website, as there are so many fabulous pieces here for really great prices. 

Margaery Tyrell

Margaery’s dress is tailored perfectly, nipping her in at all the right places, it is also daringly low for a woman of her status. The blue tones echo that of Daenerys style which we looked at previously and they really suit Margaery’s milky white skin. To bring this style into a modern look, I think you need to view this as a skirt and top combination, this will allow you to play with the lines and the colours more. 

Here are my tips for getting this confident, regal look:

Leather Bustier H&M £69.99 (part of H&M conscious Exclusive, once it’s gone it’s gone) Lattice Corset Belt Topshop £26,Brass Rose Ring Zara Taylor London £14, Engraved Rose Choker TopShop £8.50,  Embroidered cotton waistcoat H&M £39.99, (part of H&M conscious Exclusive, once it’s gone it’s gone) Navy Belted Maxi Skirt Apricot £24

Think bold, strong, structures for the top half, and loose flowing lines for the skirt for this look. I really love the Leather Bustier from H&M and it fits really well for this styling. I would remove the belt from the Navy Maxi skirt here and instead go for the lattice corset belt from Topshop, this will really accentuate the line that you are trying to achieve with this look. Accessorise this look with the Rose sigil of the Tyrell house, through a choker style necklace or a ring.