First trailer for Gone Girl is “creepy”, “dark” and “disturbing”

CinemaCon goers were treated to the first look at Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl movie - here's what they had to say

Gone Girl, author Gillian Flynn’s third novel, has become international hit. 


It was the book everyone was reading on their way to work last summer – they may as well have played an audio book over the intercom on the tube…

Soon enough, the film rights were secured. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike were cast as the movie’s stars. Cameras started rolling. Heck, filming wrapped. And we are still yet to catch a proper glimpse of the Gone Girl film. 

Asides from this lonesome picture of Affleck playing Nick Dunne, that is:

But seriously. It’s out in October. And this is ALL. WE’VE. HAD. 

Well, until now. Some incredibly lucky folk over in America have spied the very first footage from the Gone Girl movie at film event CinemaCon. And here’s what they had to say about it…

– “The preview showed Affleck’s character enduring a media onslaught as a police investigation closes in around him. The disturbing, amber-hewed shots are set to a cover of the Charles Aznavour song She,” teases The Wrap

– “The trailer sets up that the relationship between Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and his missing wife Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) was not as happy as it seemed. The bigger crux of the tease, however, is that Fincher wants to focus on the media whirlwind that surrounds and overtakes Nick,” reveals HitFix, adding: “The novel Gone Girl has a major twist. That is in no way foreshadowed in this new trailer.”

– “There was virtually no dialogue to be heard under Costello’s song, save for Nick’s assertive line at the end of the teaser: “I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer”,” says the LA Times.

– “In between cuts to the search for Amy, which began as a simple missing-person case, there are images of a crumbling marriage. We see the police investigation turn to isolate Dunne as a suspect, with no sign of Amy except for a few traces of evidence actually labeled “clues,” in feminine handwriting,” adds Yahoo Movies

– The Hollywood Reporter says the trailer has a “creepy feel”, adding that, “many of the scenes look very dark, with hints of noir.” It seems the trailer focusses a lot on the media frenzy surrounding Amy’s disappearance: “He poses with a “missing persons” photograph of her, but then strangely smiles. That photo is used again and again, especially as the press and the police begin to focus on him.”

And the trailer ends with a scene we can’t place within the book: “Toward the end of the trailer, there’s a beautiful shot of what looks like Amy’s corpse underwater. Her face is cast in a green, glowing light. It’s a fittingly haunting image for the very strong trailer.” 

Sounds exciting, no? Fingers crossed the rest of us will get to watch a trailer soon… 

Gone Girl will be in UK cinemas 3 October.