Tomb Raider writers to pen Disney’s Young Merlin movie

Disney's adaptation of T.A. Barron's The Lost Years of Merlin is picking up speed


Are your Saturday nights still suffering from the loss of hit BBC1 drama Merlin? Do you still miss Colin Morgan after all these months? Well, we’ve got some good news, then. 


Disney is working on a Young Merlin movie. And the project is picking up speed. 

The filmmakers are poised to take T.A. Barron’s mythical novel series The Lost Years of Merlin to the big screen, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider writers Patrick Massett and John Zinman have signed on to pen the adaption.

Young Merlin will follow T.A. Barron’s lead character, a teenager who one day will become the powerful wizard of myth and legend. First, though, he must learn many lessons and master his skills. 

The action is set on the enchanted island of Fincayra where Merlin and his friends Rhia and Bumbelwy embark on a number of quests. 

Gil Netter, who worked on Life of Pi and The Blind Side, is also on board to produce the film. 

There have been several attempts to bring T.A. Barron’s story to the big screen before, from Miramax, Paramount and Warner Bros.