John Goodman on spending time with a real Monuments Man and adding humour to a serious film

Watch our exclusive video with the actor on the red carpet at the UK premiere of Monuments Men

John Goodman has been involved in a good mix of serious and comedic films in his career, from Oscar-winning political thriller Argo to lighthearted family film Monsters, Inc. In his latest movie, Monuments Men, about a Second World War platoon assigned to rescue stolen artwork from the Nazis, he aims to combine the two.


“Well, it’s a story about war. There’s a lot of serious stuff. You have to try to lighten things up a little a little bit,” Goodman told last night at the UK premiere of Monuments Men in Leicester Square. “It’s maybe a Gallows humor at times, but it balances out with the rest of the seriousness.”

The international press tour for the movie started this weekend at the Berlin International Film Festival, and real Monuments Man Harry Ettlinger has accompanied the stars at every stop, much to Goodman’s delight.

“It was a great honour to meet Harry, the last survivor I believe,” Goodman revealed. “It was just a great privilege to be on this tour with him.”

And as for working with writer/producer/director/star George Clooney? Goodman had nothing but praise for the man that also produced Goodman’s previous film Argo.

“George is very well-prepared. He’s a great storyteller,” Goodman gushed about Clooney. “He’s got a great sense of humour, he’s a lot of fun and has respect for everybody.”

“He made it looks so easy, what he was doing,” the star added, regarding the busy filming schedule. “He’s got a great deal of grace.”


Monuments Men is released in cinemas this Friday 14 February