Downton Abbey’s Allen Leech on the secrets of series five

The actor who plays Tom Branson has seen scripts for the first two episodes of series five, and says they are "very exciting"

Intriguing news, Downton Abbey fans… Allen Leech, the actor who plays Downton Abbey’s Tom Branson, says he was “deeply saddened” by something he found out in the first episode of series five. 


Yes, that’s right, we are already talking Downton Abbey series five. It might be a long way off appearing on our TV screens, but with filming set to start at the beginning of February the cast have already got their hands on the first set of scripts. With that in mind, we made a beeline for Allen Leech, who plays Tom Branson in the hit period drama, at last night’s Radio Times Covers’ Party… 

“The only thing I can tell you is, I read episode one and I found out something that I didn’t know and I was deeply saddened by it,” Leech told us.

He couldn’t be persuaded to share any more, which is incredibly exciting and hugely frustrating all at the same time. One thing Leech was keen to tell us, though, is that the start of series five is going to be good…

“Very exciting stuff happens in episode one and continues into episode two,” said Leech. “I was very excited to get [the scripts]. The first call I made was to Rob James-Collier [Thomas Barrow]. I’ve seen Jim Carter [Mr Carson] tonight. We’re all very excited to get back and I hope that we can do more of the same.” 

When it comes to Branson’s plot lines in the upcoming series, we can only speculate. But Leech hopes the former chauffeur finds “kind of a peace within himself.”

“He seems still very torn about what he wants,” Leech told us. “I’d like to see him come to some kind of peace at where he is, whether it be at Downton or somewhere else.” 

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