Educating Yorkshire: the kids will be bouncing off the walls tomorrow

Mr Burton and co collect National Television Award for best documentary and it looks like tomorrow's school timetable will be filled with celebration


Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire has been crowned best documentary series at this year’s National Television Awards – and it looks like tomorrow’s school day will be quite different.


“We’re having a celebration tonight, so I think tomorrow’s a non-starter. I think the kids will for once be bouncing off the walls,” Mr Mitchell tell

And why not indeed. The show is a hugely popular winner, with many fans taking to Twitter to congratulate the teachers and students on their win. Including some famous faces:

Scenes showing the stand-out moment of the show in which Mr Burton helped Musharaf overcome his stammer, is bound to have had fans in floods of tears all over again.


Headmaster Mr Mitchell summed up the night saying, “The thing that makes me proudest this evening is walking into the studio and seeing 30 of my students opening the show.”