The Call Centre Christmas special – sneak peek pictures

CEO Nev Wilshire and his Swansea-based staff are getting into the festive spirit and tea lady Hayley is organising the Christmas party…


Observational Wales-based documentary The Call Centre has got its very own Christmas special. Which means… Nev is back!


Yes, that’s Nev. The boss. Looking like, well, some sort of Christmas gnome actually.

The happy-go-lucky CEO, who has a catchy phrase for every occasion and no doubt a plan or two for some sprigs of mistletoe, will be giving us an insight into life at the Swansea call centre at Christmas.

If you missed it before, the gist of it is there’s a whole bunch of youthful and enthusiastic staff trying to provide money saving packages to the Welsh public.

There’ll definitely be singing.

A stack of festive attire.

And what would Christmas at the call centre be without a festive knees-up? Unthinkable, right? Enter Hayley Pearce.

Yes, the tea lady who had to prove she could literally organise a p***-up in a brewery last series (her previous attempts at event planning fell flat), is being left in charge of the Christmas party.

That’ll be, er, cracking…

The Call Centre Christmas special is set to air on December 17, BBC Three