Ray Gosling, documentary maker and gay activist, dies aged 74

The broadcaster, who falsely claimed to have smothered a gay lover who was dying of an AIDS-related illness, passes away from liver disease


Ray Gosling the TV presenter and documentary maker who famously claimed he had helped a terminally ill lover to die, has passed away, aged 74.


The broadcaster and gay rights activist died from liver disease in Nottingham, the city where he had lived since his twenties.

Known for his offbeat documentaries about British towns and cities on Channel 4, ITV and BBC radio, Gosling became known in later life for work which focused on his life as a gay activist. 

He also continued to contribute to the East Midlands version of the BBC magazine show Inside Out, and it was on this programme in February 2010 that he claimed to have smothered his lover as he lay dying of an Aids-related illness during the 1990s.

Gosling later repeated the claims and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder. A six-month investigation found no evidence that he had killed anyone, and he was isntead charged with wasting police time.

He was given a suspended prison sentence in September 2010.