Damian Lewis set to join Nicole Kidman in Werner Herzog wartime drama Queen of the Desert

The biopic of Lt Col Charles Doughty-Wylie will also star Jude Law and Robert Pattinson


While Damian Lewis’s turn as Homeland’s troubled, enigmatic former Marine Nicholas Brody continues to unfold on Channel 4, the star is eyeing a big-screen military role in Queen of the Desert, the latest film from acclaimed director Werner Herzog.


No stranger to playing soldiers, having also starred as a beleaguered British major in Second World War miniseries Band of Brothers, Lewis is set to take on the role of English war hero Lt Col Charles Doughty-Wylie in the upcoming biopic.

Appearing alongside Lewis will be Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell, the celebrated explorer, writer and archaeologist, who became involved in a passionate romance with Doughty-Wylie. 

Jude Law and Robert Pattison will also join the cast, according to Deadline, for the first fiction film by Herzog since My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? in 2009.

Herzog is known by many as one of the living masters of cinema. Accolades come from the likes of renowned French New-Wave director François Truffaut and Pulitzer Prize winning film critic Roger Ebert. Always unpredictable but consistently spectacular, Herzog’s last memorable involvement with film was in front of the camera, rather than behind it in the American thriller Jack Reacher. Just before that, he was engaging with his profound ability to create beautiful and mythopoeic documentaries on Into the Abyss, a documentary about the lives of two men convicted of murder.

Herzog is known as a director who is capable of channeling the most intense performances from his actors. After all, he made the film My Best Fiend to document the tumultuous relationship between himself and long-time muse Klaus Kinski. Bearing this in mind, it will be very exciting to see how this collaboration with Lewis unfolds.