Baking Bad: cook your own edible Crystal Meth

This take on the Breaking Bad signature dish is tastier and far better for your health than the original...


Cook up your own edible version of Heisenberg’s signature dish with this simple recipe. When heated to 170°C and then cooled, isomalt will turn into a clear pane of glass ready to be smashed up and distributed. Crunch down on these sweet blue crystals as you tune into the final episode of Breaking Bad.


Makes one medium bag


250g isomalt
25g water
a few drops of blue food colour
probe thermometer

Crystal method

1.     Line a baking tray with baking paper.

2.     In a pan heat the isomalt and water to 170°C with the help of a sugar thermometer.

3.     Add a few drops of blue food colour.

4.     Pour directly onto the baking paper.

5.     When the isomalt has cooled, break it into crystals with a hammer or rolling pin.

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