In the Flesh: zombie survival guide – video

Learn how to survive an attack by the undead in this fun and informative video from BBC3

If a zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, would you have any idea how to survive it? Probably not, right? After all, methods for fending off the living dead aren’t part of the National Curriculum. Be honest: you’d be stumped, wouldn’t you?


Well, thanks to BBC3, you needn’t be. The channel’s just released a brand new zombie survival guide video to tie in with its upcoming undead drama series In the Flesh, which you can watch below.

It’s packed with handy hints to keep you safe if you happen to chance upon any brain-munching ghouls on your travels.  As the video says, the main thing is to keep calm and avoid the undead:

In the Flesh stars Anna Karenina’s Luke Newberry as Kieren, a young man who is reanimated four years after his funeral. Following a course of medication and rehab, Keiren is reclassified as a sufferer of PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) and sent home.

As well as struggling to re-integrate with his family, Kieren finds himself wrestling with flashbacks and having to deal with the threat of the Human Volunteer Force – a zombie-hating vigilante group ready to take action against any PDS sufferers.

Featuring Ricky Tomlinson, Steve Cooper and Marie Critchley among its cast, In the Flesh is coming to BBC3 soon…


Watch a trailer for the series here.