David Tennant to play hot shot lawyer in BBC1 thriller The Escape Artist

The former Doctor Who star will play an in-demand barrister who finds one of his cases coming back to haunt him


David Tennant is to star as a talented lawyer in “blood and guts” BBC1 legal thriller The Escape Artist.


Tennant will play barrister Will Burton, known for his knack of spiriting his clients out of tight legal corners.

Having never lost a case, Will is in high demand but after using his skills to free the prime suspect in a murder investigation, he finds it coming back to haunt him.

The three-part drama is from Spooks creator David Wolstencroft and also stars Toby Kebbell, last seen in Black Mirror, Hotel Rwanda star Sophie Okonedo and Ashley Jensen, of Extras and Ugly Betty.

“The law often seems like an intellectual exercise,” said Wolstencroft, “but scratch under the surface, and it’s all blood and guts. I wanted to write a thriller set in the legal world that’s as much about those primal feelings as it is about the twists and turns of the case.”

The writer called Tennant “one of the most accomplished and iconic actors of his generation,” adding “I cannot wait to see him in Will’s shoes.”

The Escape Artist is not the first time Tennant has played a legal eagle – in 2009 he starred as an attorney stricken by panic attacks in US pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer but the show was not picked up for a series.


The Escape Artist comes to BBC1 later this year.