Merlin – the finale, part two: preview pictures

The prophecies appear to be coming true in the last ever episode of Merlin, The Diamond of the Day

It’s the last ever episode of Merlin. 


And, as the end is drawing close, the mood in Camelot is dark. After Morgana’s actions caused Merlin to lose his powers, it looked like all hope was lost. But in spite of her attempts to kill him, Merlin is back and he’s more powerful than ever. 

As the prophecies appear to come true and a fierce battle rages on Camlann’s plain, Merlin must find a way to protect Camelot, keep Arthur safe and accept his own destiny.

Make sure you’ve got tissues at the ready as we prepare to say goodbye to our beloved characters and the world of Camelot for good… 

Watch trailers for the two-part finale


The last ever episode of Merlin is on Christmas Eve at 8:15pm on BBC1