Merlin series five, episode eight – preview pictures and video

Merlin finds himself a long way away from Camelot in Saturday's episode A Hollow Queen


So it seems Arthur’s queen has been well and truly bewitched by Morgana… The perpetually kind and good natured Gwen was unrecognisable in last week’s episode. First she set up an attack on her husband, let another man be imprisoned for her actions and – in a shocking scene – stabbed the man to death. Then she poisoned her king and framed Merlin for attempted murder. Of course, Arthur was saved and Merlin cleared before the end of the epsiode, but Gwen’s involvement in the crimes is yet to be discovered – what will that mean for the next instalment of Merlin? 


This week Merlin leaves Camelot to help young druid Daegal while Sarrum of Amata arrives at the castle. But can Sarrum be trusted? Should Merlin really have left Arthur’s side? And is Gwen still poised to make another attempt at her husband’s life? 


The adventure continues on Saturday at 8:00pm on BBC1