Homeland series two, episode eight – “I’ll Fly Away” photo preview

Our entirely spoiler-free and highly speculative look ahead to the upcoming instalment of the conspiracy thriller starring Damian Lewis and Claire Danes


What’s going on here, then…?


Brody’s having a car moment (the most sinister of all the moments) with evil terrorist go-between Roya. Could this be the point at which he gets her to ‘fess up about Abu Nazir’s planned attack? Will Brody admit he’s been compromised by the CIA and rejoin the bad guys (if he ever left them)? Or might they just be listening to Radio 4’s A Book at Bedtime on the car stereo?  

Oh, another car shot. Note Mike has a much cooler, low-slung car than Brody – is this a sign of some sort? Where on earth could Dana be going with Mike? Has she confessed about the hit and run? Are they going to the police? Has Mike been hypnotised by his own reflection in the wing mirror – remember, Mike, objects in the rear-view mirror may appear closer than they are.   

Always a little ray of sunshine, Dana’s off to do something solemnly – but what? Whatever it is, it’s not important enough for Mike to get out of his sporty coupé and go with her. Fair enough, really – have you seen the car crime numbers in Washington?

Carrie’s almost Biblically deep in thought here. But what on earth is she thinking about? Is it that she loves a badass terrorist and one day soon she will run away with him – or is it that she’s so damn clever she’ll sucker him in, and spit him out the other side. Either way it’s kind of creepy. Stop now.

Meanwhile, Brody is also having a good think. Has he finally booked that therapy session he’s long overdue? Could he really trust the doctor patient confidentially agreement anyway? What’s one more therapist to add to the list of those Brody’s offed…?

Has he just killed his therapist, or did he think better of it at the last minute – like the bomb thing at the end of series one? You decide…

Carrie and Brody’s eyes meet under an energy saving lightbulb in a motel car park – this must be love…

Saul enjoying the latest episode of Homeland on his 42-inch TV (out of picture).

Oooh er – here we go again. Do old flames ever get fully extinguished? Mike loves Jessica – but will he have the guts to tell her? He’s already told her that her husband is a murderer, so it seems quite easy in the grand scheme. We’ll see…

Weird looking police station. Dana, go to the police station – not the weird creepy house… nothing good ever happens at the strange, shadowy, creepy house.  

Look, you may be a baddie, but if you’re going to stand in the road you need to wear a high-visibility vest. It’s health and safety mate – have some respect… 


Homeland continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on Channel 4