Merlin series five, episode seven – preview pictures and video

Camelot's greatest threat comes from within its very walls in Saturday's episode A Lesson in Vengeance

Fans were in for a bit of shock at the end of Saturday’s instalment, The Dark Tower…


The episode had seen Morgana capture Gwen and imprison her in a terrifying tower while Merlin, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table struggled through tricks and tasks to find her. Morgana toyed with Gwen’s sanity but after the death of her brother and a successful return to Camelot we thought all was well – and how very wrong we were… 

As the fifth series of Merlin takes an even darker turn, what will the next episode have up its sleeve? With an incredibly powerful and influential insider under her spell, Morgana finds herself in a unique position of power this week. And with the help of her new and unlikely ally she hatches a plot to murder the king. Can a suspicious Merlin unravel the truth before it is too late?


The adventure continues on Saturday at 8:00pm on BBC1.