Merlin series five, episode five – preview pictures and video

The doomsaying Disir pass judgement on Camelot in Saturday's episode

Last Saturday’s episode of Merlin saw Camelot once more under threat from Morgana. With the help of evil Odin, Morgana captured Mithian – Arthur’s one-time fiancée from series four – and her father, King Rodor.


In an attempt to save her father, Mithian was coerced into riding to Camelot to help Morgana trap Arthur – and, unbeknownst to Arthur and the rest of Camelot, Morgana accompanied her into the city walls, disguised as a lady’s maid. Thankfully, as Arthur and his knights set out to save King Rodor, Merlin became suspicious and, as always, managed to alert Arthur before it was too late. 

The next episode see’s Camelot facing a different kind of threat as the mythical Disir decide to pass judgement on the city… 


Merlin continues on Saturday at 8:15pm on BBC1.