Dexter – watch the first two minutes of season seven

What does Dexter say to Deb after the massive cliff-hanger ending of season six? Find out here - and watch the promo for the new Dexter game too...


**Contains series six spoilers**


Series six of Dexter ended on just about the biggest cliff-hanger imaginable. Just as Dexter’s sister Deborah was about to confess that she loved him (and not in a platonic way) she stumbled upon him doing what he does best – dispatching a fellow serial killer. What possible explanation could Dexter give his police sergeant sibling for what she’d just witnessed?

Watch this clip of the opening two minutes of season seven to find out…

**Contains series seven spoilers**

The clip was shown to fans at Comic-Con in San Diego yesterday as part of the Dexter panel, which featured star Michael C Hall. 

Talking about his character – by day a forensics expert with the Miami Dade Police Department, by night an avenging serial killer – Hall said “We all have some sort of shadow side that we have to contend with and manage. His is pretty heavy.

“Maybe we admire him for the unique responsibility he’s taken, even though it is outside the box.”

The panel also unveiled the new Dexter 2 video game, which features narration by Hall and mixes live action shots from the series with computer-generated gameplay. See the trailer below – but beware it contains some potentially disturbing scenes of a serial killer in action…


Dexter airs in the UK on digital channel FX.