Freeze Frame: Injustice

A shocking moment in Anthony Horowitz's latest mystery thriller as a lawyer turns killer

As someone who lived in Suffolk for eight years and still has family there, I spent less of my time watching psychological thriller Injustice for the psychological thrills and more for the scenery.


(I don’t know where their Ipswich station was, but it certainly wasn’t Ipswich. The local buses, on the other hand, appeared to be the genuine article.)

In common with a train journey through the East Anglian countryside, the story rumbled along nicely enough. Strong performances, rich characterisation and some tantalisingly repeated, unresolved flashbacks that hinted at greater drama to come in this story following nervy, formerly high-flying, lawyer William Travers.

And then, just before the credits rolled, the “whaaaat?” moment hit – seconds before the fatal bullet hit murder victim John Jarrold (Robert Whitelock). A bullet from a gun fired by William Travers. It certainly put a different spin on the job title “criminal barrister”…


See this moment for yourself on ITVPlayer.