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Feel good Netflix movies and TV shows to make you feel warm inside

Stay inside and binge on these happy Netflix hits guaranteed to make you feel happy

Published: Friday, 7th May 2021 at 11:30 am

When you've had a rough day, week or even just the whole year, sometimes all you want to do is stick on some comfort TV or a feel-good film and just transport yourself to a fictional world where nothing matters.


Thankfully, Netflix is primed with heart-warming TV hugs and we've picked out some of the best for our list below, which is updated with two entries every week, so you can stop the endless scrolling and begin streaming immediately.

From classic sitcoms like Friends and Gilmore Girls, to family films like Mamma Mia! and Instant Family, here are the best feel-good flicks and TV that Netflix has to offer.


Paramount Pictures

A classic cult romcom that's inspired countless chequered outfits for '90s-themed parties, Clueless is one of the funniest, and arguably the most fabulous, take on Jane Austen's Emma in movie history. A satirical look at Beverly Hills teen life, this coming-of-age comedy stars Alicia Silverstone as Cher, a popular, wealthy high school student who thinks she's an excellent matchmaker and decides to befriend new girl Tai (Brittany Murphy), make her over and set her up with her classmate Elton (Jeremy Sisto) despite the disapproval of her former step-brother Josh (Paul Rudd). Full of romance, make-over montages and quotable catchphrases ("As if!"), Clueless is a feel-good flick that's just as timeless as Paul Rudd.

Watch Clueless on Netflix

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg and Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you're in need of a good chuckle, police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine should be your first port of call. From the writers of The Office, Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, this police comedy stars Andy Samberg as the immature yet high-achieving detective Jake Peralta, whose station – New York City's 99th Precinct – gets a shake-up with the arrival of Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), the serious, robotic commanding officer taking charge of the team. Fast-paced, silly and stuff with witty jokes, you'll visit Brookly Nine-Nine for the comedy, but stay for the endearingly close friendships between its lovable main characters.

Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix

La La Land

A musical that scooped up many awards, La La Land stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and, despite some sombre moments in the running time, it remains a feel-good watch and one that is endlessly rewatchable - although we still stand by that the opening number is the most joyous out of the whole film.

Watch La La Land on Netflix

The Good Place

Are you in a bad place? Head to The Good Place! Each 20-minute episode is a joy, but the story has real heart too, particularly when season two turns the whole thing upside down. And Kristen Bell is forking marvellous. All four seasons are available to watch now and it is a quick and crowd-pleasing binge.

Watch The Good Place on Netflix

Emily in Paris

emily in paris

Set in the version of Paris that exists in everybody's minds about what Paris is actually like, Emily in Paris is a comedy-drama on Netflix that has won a ton of viewers since it launched. Starring Lily Collins as the titular Emily, the show focuses on her journey as she struggles to succeed in the workplace while searching for love and experiencing a couture clash with her "boring" and mundane Midwestern U.S. upbringing. And if you enjoy season one then you will be pleased to hear that a second run is coming.

Watch Emily in Paris on Netflix


friends cast

Love, loss and laughs, all layered up in a life-affirming comedy that will stand the test of time. We may have all seen every episode of Friends multiple times now but it remains the most rewatchable show out there. So join Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebe all over again as all 10 seasons are available to watch.

Watch Friends on Netflix

Queer Eye

queer eye netflix

Relaunched for a new era on Netflix and featuring an all-new Fab Five', Queer Eye has quickly found the mix of sass and soul that made the original such a hit. Now five seasons in, we should probably warn you that if you watch one, you will likely lose the next few days as you blitz through the lot.

Watch Queer Eye on Netflix

Instant Family

instant family

This movie stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as a couple who decide to adopt three children and soon learn that becoming a family is not as easy as they thought it would be. A funny film with a great deal of heart, Instant Family is sure to put a smile on anybody's face by the time the credits roll.

Watch Instant Family on Netflix


Poldark finale

Warm your cockles with Ross Poldark: Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson are just the stars to curl up with on a cold night. Here is the official synopsis if you want to see whether this will be up your street or not. "In 1783 Captain Ross Vennor Poldark returns from the American War of Independence to his home of Nampara in Cornwall after three years in the army. Upon his return home, he discovers his father Joshua has died, his estate is in ruins and in considerable debt, and his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth is engaged to his cousin Francis."

Watch Poldark on Netflix

The Truman Show

Jimmy Carrey Truman Show

An oldie but a goodie, The Truman Show stars Jim Carrey as a man who thinks he is living the perfect life until he starts to realise that his whole world is nothing more than a TV show with him as the star. This movie remains a classic and has an uplifting ending that never fails to raise a smile - it also remains one of Carrey's best roles to this day.

Watch The Truman Show on Netflix



Definitely feel good yet definitely not one to sit and watch with the family, Bridgerton is an extremely raunchy look at high society in the competitive world of Regency-era London, The show debuted at Christmas last year and has already gone on to become the most-watched show the streamer has had - so a season 2 has already, unsurprisingly, been confirmed.

Watch Bridgerton on Netflix

Black Mirror: San Junipero

Many Black Mirror episodes should come with a health warning, but not San Junipero, a beautifully told love story that is all the more surprising given how bleak Charlie Brooker's series can be. Proof that there's light even in the most darkest of places - just make sure you are selecting the right episode or you could end up feeling anything but good.

Watch Black Mirror on Netflix


wonder movie

Wonder is, for lack of a better word, wonderful. Telling the story of a young boy with facial differences, Wonder follows his journey as he makes his first steps out of a sheltered life and homeschooling to a public school and all the trials that go along with it. A beautiful story with a great cast, do yourself a favour and watch Wonder if you never have.

Watch Wonder on Netflix

Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls

Escape to Stars Hollow for a mega binge of seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and the four feature lengths specials that the streamer made. Gilmore Girls is the ultimate definition of feel good and you get that at the start of every episode with a theme tune that is never not fun to sing along to.

Watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix


matilda 1996

Dark and delicious in equal measure, Danny DeVito's adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic story features an incredible turn by Pam Ferris as the terrifying Miss Trunchbull. UK viewers might find it weird watching her in the role, having got used to seeing her as the good-natured Sister Evangelina on Call the Midwife (also available on Netflix, by the way).

Watch Matilda on Netflix

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

my next guest

Think of this as a fireside chat with two of the most interesting people you know. Sure, David Letterman's guests are successful, but their charm and charisma mean that you're never envious of their success. Barack Obama's legacy is complicated for example, but the instinct to be a good person and to make good calls seems remarkably simple coming from him. And that's just the first in what's proved to be a remarkable line-up of guests.

Watch My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix

Mamma Mia!

mamma mia

Find some winter sun without leaving your living room. Taking the biggest and best hits from Abba and planting them into a tropical love story, Mamma Mia is a joyous watch from start to finish and, as long as you don't hate Abba, you should find a lot to enjoy here as the cast, including Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep are on top form throughout.

Watch Mamma Mia on Netflix


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