Love at first sight – it’s a myth, right?


Well, not for the protagonists in a new Netflix movie based on Jennifer E. Smith's hit novel The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, which is the latest in a long line of young adult romantic comedies on the streamer including To All the Boys I loved Before and XO Kitty.

Haley Lu Richardson (The White Lotus) stars as Hadley, while Ben Hardy (EastEnders, Bohemian Rhapsody) stars as Oliver, two people whose serendipitous encounter at the airport leads to an unexpected connection.

Speaking about the film, Richardson previously told PEOPLE: "It’s a fun and sweet movie about romance, but at its heart I think it’s really a story about facing truths. And how when we finally face our truths, fate is able to do her job.

"It’s warm and hopeful," she added. "It’s the kind of story we could use more of."

So, when will Love at First Sight land on Netflix? Read on for everything you need to know.

Love at First Sight release date

Love at first sight trailer
Haley Lu Richardson as Hadley in Love At First Sight. Netflix/ YouTube.

Love at First Sight premieres on 15th September on Netflix, and is coming to our screens courtesy of Ace Entertainment.

Filming kicked off one early 2021 in the UK.

Love at First Sight cast

Alongside Hardy and Richardson, the film also stars Jameela Jamil, Rob Delaney, Sally Phillips and Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher.

The cast list for the movie is as follows:

  • Haley Lu Richardson as Hadley
  • Ben Hardy as Oliver
  • Dexter Fletcher as Val
  • Sally Phillips as Tessa Jones
  • David Rubin as Dr. Harrison Doyle
  • Tom Taylor as Luther Jones
  • Jessica Ransom as Bridesmaid Bertie
  • Ibinabo Jack as Bridesmaid Shanti
  • Jameela Jamil as the narrator
  • Rob Delaney in an unnamed role

Behind the camera, the film is helmed by Vanessa Caswill, whose prior projects include TV series such as Gold Digger, Little Women (2017) and Thirteen.

Meanwhile, To All the Boys' Matthew Kaplan serves as producer, while Smith and Richardson serve as executive producers with To All the Boys alums Chris Foss and Max Seimers, Matthew Janzen (The Hunger Games), and Mark Lane (Fall).

What is Love at First Sight about?

The official Netflix synopsis reads: “Strangers Hadley and Oliver begin to fall for each other on their flight from New York to London, but is it misfortune or fate that separates them when they land? The probability of ever finding each other again seems impossible, but love – and London – may have a way of defying the odds.”

Love at First Sight trailer

The trailer begins with with Hadley and Oliver crossing paths at John F. Kennedy International Airport and getting seated together on their flight, where they instantly connect.

Their bliss is short-lived, however, with Hadley breaking her phone which has Oliver's number saved in it after they land – and when he's already out of sight.

A search around London ensues as Hadley attempts to track Oliver down, but does she succeed?

"Is it better to have had a good thing and lost it, or never to have had it?" she asks near the end of the trailer.

Watch below:

Love at First Sight will be available to watch on Netflix from 15th September 2023.

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