Few British characters have been adapted for the screen more often than Robin Hood, and now a new fantasy film inspired by the heroic outlaw is coming soon to Sky Cinema.


Robin and the Hoods follows the adventures of 11 year-old girl, Robin (Darcey Ewart), and her group of friends who find their beloved playground at risk of being converted into a new leisure facility – and RadioTimes.com can today exclusively launch the first trailer for the film.

The teaser starts with Robin and her friends playing a game of make believe as she narrates: "I'm Robin, leader of the Hoods. This is our world, where we can fight the forces of evil and where anything is possible."

However we soon see that the actual playground – which she and her friends nickname The Kingdom – isn't quite as glamorous as her imagination makes it out to be, and that plans are afoot to do something about it.

"The neglected land at the end of your road has long been an eyesore," says a character known as Clipboard, played by James Bond star Naomie Harris. "Our redevelopment project changes all that."

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"But what about The Kingdom?" we then hear Robin ask, before she later tells one of her friends: "Don't you get it? It's not you versus me, it's us versus them," and is seen to galvanise the rest of the gang.

You can watch the full trailer – which also introduces characters played by Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie and Harry Potter's Mark Williams – below.

A full synopsis for the film reads: "Fired by her imagination, Robin is the bright-eyed leader of a group of kids, the Hoods, who love to play fantasy games on a patch of land they nickname The Kingdom.

"While their biggest concern is a rival gang looking to take over their domain, things get serious when plans emerge to develop the area that’s their playground into a new leisure facility for the town.

"Faced with the ruthless spokesperson Clipboard, Robin and her friends must find a way to save their play area before it’s too late."

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Meanwhile, a statement from Sky has highlighted that the project was produced with the idea of sustainability and keeping green spaces alive in mind.

This included hiring 50 per cent of the costumes and sourcing other costumes from charity shops, in addition to reusing materials and props to minimise waste such as for the sticks used as the gang's swords.

The film is directed by Phil Hawkins from a screenplay by Stuart Benson and Paul Davidson.


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