Game of Thrones threw fans into a brutal world of scheming, battles, complicated family relationships and dragons, to name just a few. The show has become a landmark fantasy franchise across the globe and made household names of the mostly previously unknown actors who appeared in it.


GoT had unprecedented success, with fans desperate to watch the latest episode each week. According to one company, the penultimate series, season seven, was pirated more than one billion times and the first episode of season eight was illegally downloaded 55 million times.

If you’re hoping to relive the action or perhaps dive in for the first time, you don't need to resort to piracy. You can binge-watch every episode all above board as Game of Thrones on the likes of Amazon and iTunes.

Read on below for a brief recap of some of the many happenings from each unpredictable Game of Thrones series (expect spoilers) and to find out all the ways you can start watching now.

How to watch Game of Thrones season 1 online


Among other events in the very first series we meet Sean Bean as Ned who is offered to be the new Hand of the King, 10 year old Bran Stark is paralysed in an attempt to keep him quiet, Jon Snow joins the Night’s Watch, Sansa is captured while Arya escapes and Khal Drogo (Jason Mdies after a duel and a run-in with a witch. Drogo’s widow Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) becomes the “Mother of Dragons”, after she emerges unharmed from flames with three hatched dragon eggs.

How to watch Game of Thrones season 2 online


In series two, Theon Greyjoy takes over Winterfell, Jon Snow defects from the Night’s Watch to join the Wildling and Arya pretends to be a boy and becomes a servant to Tywin Lannister before escaping (again). Meanwhile, Daenerys wants support for her invasion of Westeros but is imprisoned before she kills pretty much a whole town for taking away her dragons. Not a woman to be crossed.

How to watch Game of Thrones season 3 online


The third series saw the infamous Red Wedding, where the reception was a trap and turned into a massacre. There was also some pretty gruesome torture, a resurrection, a birth and a wedding between Sansa and Tyrion (without all the death of the other wedding - but neither of them were very happy about it all the same).

How to watch Game of Thrones season 4 online


It’s another unhappy wedding as Joffrey drinks poisoned wine and dies at his own nuptials to Margery. Sansa escapes with Littlefinger who takes her to Lysa Arryn, who he marries and then kills. Jon Snow is in the North trying to warn Night Watch of an attack, Theon is tortured into madness while Arya eventually runs away to study at the House of Black and White under Jaqan H’ghar.

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How to watch Game of Thrones season 5 online


In the fifth series, Cersei is forced to walk naked to atone, another unwanted marriage is arranged and there are multiple burnings of people who are still alive (one as Stannis Baratheon sacrifices his own daughter). A cheerful series as ever. As for favourite Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), he becomes Lord Commander of the Night Watch, fights the White Walkers and then is killed, prompting global meltdown from fans.

How to watch Game of Thrones season 6 online

Game of Thrones season 6

Don't panic, Jon Snow is resurrected from the dead by Melisandre, which is good news for fans, and Ramsay is eaten by his own dogs, which is bad news for him. For Mother of Dragons Daenerys, she proves her power by emerging unharmed from fire again and Theon sails to join her cause with his sister Yara Greyjoy. Ayra Stark is now well trained as an assassin and kills Walder Frey to avenge the deaths of her family members. Also, Cersei is now Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

How to watch Game of Thrones season 7 online

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

In the seventh series Jon Snow and Daenerys join forces and try to bring all the major players together against the White Walker threat. Cersei agrees, but plots to take over Westeros. Bran reveals it was Littlefinger who killed Jon Arryn and he is executed. Bran also discovers that Jo Snow is really a Targaryen and therefore has a claim to the Iron Throne. In the meantime, a dragon of ice turns up and finally, Winter has come.

How to watch Game of Thrones season 8 online

The season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones was illegally streamed 55 million times

The final series seriously divided fans, with more than one million people signing a petition to have to reshot. Jon Snow and Daenerys realised they were related (Daenerys is technically his aunt) but he promised he won’t do anything to threaten her throne. Of course, Jon then kills Daenerys in the middle of a kiss and is subsequently exiled. The result is that Bran Stark becomes king, while his sister Sansa becomes Queen of the North. Oh, and a 21st century coffee cup pops up in the middle of a banquet. Quite a turn of events.