Daniel Fitzsimmons (2016)

12A Certificate


Our Score
This fascinating sci-fi drama follows two psychic beings heading for an unknown planet, whose connection to their own "hive mind" at home begins to be interrupted the closer they get to their destination. Although stripped of the bells and whistles of bigger budget sci-fi, this British-made story never lacks in ambition. By keeping things simple visually, the story keeps your attention on the plot, which broaches bigger subjects than most films in this genre. Cane's struggle for individuality against a set order that has abandoned him speaks of much more than spaceships or distant planets. Most of the plot focuses on Rupert Graves and Ellie Kendrick's excellent psychological jousting, with Kendrick trying to maintain order and keep the mission on track in the face of Graves's unravelling. While mysterious at first, patience is rewarded as a compelling finale ties everything together. Ambitious, complicated and very well-crafted, Native will be a joy for sci-fi purists.

Cast & Crew

Cane Rupert Graves
Eva Ellie Kendrick
Awan Leanne Best
Seth Joe Macaulay
Matilda Pollyanna McIntosh
The Target Chiara D'Anna
Delin Daniel Brocklebank
Director Daniel Fitzsimmons
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Other Information

Language: English / ItalianColourTheatrical distributor: Miracle CommsGuidance: ViolenceAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 23 Feb 2018