This is how Disney princesses would sound if they were singing their native languages

From The Little Mermaid in Danish to Beauty and the Beast in French...


From Snow White to Frozen, Disney has spawned a heap of iconic songs. But while the fan-favourite tales that inspired them are set in all corners of the globe, the lyrics themselves are always in English.


YouTube channel Movie Munchies has sought to remedy that, translating Disney princesses’ famous tunes into their original languages. You might have forgotten that The Little Mermaid was set in Denmark, but Ariel singing Part of That World in Danish will soon remind you. Or how about Elsa belting out Let It Go in Norwegian?

From Mulan warbling in Chinese to Jasmine mesmerising Aladdin in Arabic, it’s actually kind of perfect.


And if you enjoyed that, here’s another one in Belle’s native French, Snow White’s German and Megara’s Greek.