Peter Capaldi’s first Doctor Who action figure looks great – it’s just a shame about Clara

The new Doctor looks in fine form in his plastic incarnation but the unflattering Clara figure is a "thick-necked, squared-jawed bruiser"


Lifelong Doctor Who fan Peter Capaldi will no doubt be thrilled to see his first very own action figure, especially since it turns out to be a decent likeness with a look of appropriately mischievous adventure on its face. What Jenna Coleman will think of her latest incarnation though, I’m not sure…


Judging by the publicity shots, this humourless new Clara is a thick-necked, squared-jawed bruiser who bears little resemblance to the sparky, rather dainty, real thing.

Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor figure, meanwhile, falls somewhere between the two. Yes, it has the trademark floppy fringe and a reasonably prominent chin, but otherwise it could quite easily be modelling that tweed jacket in a department store window.

Anyway, the good news is that our new Doctor is in fine form – even if his companion has seen better days…

The new rage of seven figures, also including Daleks, a Weeping Angel and a Zygon, were unveiled today at UK industry showcase Toyfair