Russell Brand: I would love to star in Doctor Who

Stand-up comic says he’d follow Tom Baker’s lead as the Time Lord


Russell Brand has joined the hoards of celebrities champing at the bit to take over from Matt Smith in Doctor Who.


An unlikely candidate perhaps, Russell has some interesting ideas on what he’d bring to the role of the Time Lord.

“Yeah, I’d love to be him, I’d be like a Tom Baker one, like a sort of long scarf, flouncy, wistful, quoting occasional poems, kicking Cybermen in the nuts. This is what the country needs.”

Russell’s also come up with a few thoughts on what the Tardis can be used for.

Speaking to Absolute Radio Russell admitted, “I would just travel through time pinching people’s a***s. Carry on up the worm hole. Like quantum physics, so that is actually perfect. No, we can’t have that in the Tardis, ‘ere it’s a lot bigger on the inside.”

If you think that’s an odd pairing, Russell is also set to join Mayor of London Boris Johnson on debate show Question Time in two weeks time. 


Maybe BoJo can put some weight behind Russell’s desire to take on the Cybermen?