The Super Bowl is the ultimate title in US sport, the moment the nation stops in its tracks to savour the finest NFL players of the day.


Unlike many sports around the world with various cup competitions running alongside main leagues and multiple tournaments every year, the NFL boasts one truly meaningful marker of success: the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs have hoisted the trophy on multiple occasions in recent years as they seek to build a dynasty under Patrick Mahomes.

Tom Brady is the unmatched king of the NFL with seven Super Bowl titles to his name, more than any other player and any other team in history.

But who are the top teams in Super Bowl history? Check out the full list of winners and how many championships have been won by each franchise.

More like this brings you all the details on Super Bowl winners throughout history.

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Most Super Bowl wins by NFL team

Brackets denote number of Super Bowl wins/appearances in history.

Six Super Bowl wins

  • Patriots (6/11)
  • Steelers (6/8)

Five Super Bowl wins

  • Cowboys (5/8)
  • 49ers (5/7)

Four Super Bowl wins

  • Green Bay Packers (4/5)
  • Giants (4/5)

Three Super Bowl wins

  • Broncos (3/8)
  • Redskins/Football Team/Commanders (3/5)
  • Raiders (3/5)

Two Super Bowl wins

  • Rams (2/5)
  • Dolphins (2/5)
  • Colts (2/4)
  • Chiefs (2/4)
  • Ravens (2/2)
  • Buccaneers (2/2)

One Super Bowl win

  • Seahawks (1/3)
  • Eagles (1/3)
  • Bears (1/2)
  • Jets (1/1)
  • Saints (1/1)
  • Vikings (1/4)

No Super Bowl wins

  • Bills (0/4)
  • Bengals (0/3)
  • Panthers (0/2)
  • Falcons (0/2)
  • Chargers (0/1)
  • Oilers/Titans (0/1)
  • Cardinals (0/1)

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